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VSD Closure / Repair (Adult) in Biruni University Hospital : Cost & Doctors

Vsd Closure at Biruni University Hospital is done using surgery or catheter technique depending on the nature of the defect. A smaller size hole is closed through a minimally invasive procedure, such as angioplasty, whereas a larger size defect will be closed via an open-heart surgery performed by the highly experienced cardiac surgeons at Biruni University Hospital. The facility has extensively trained cardiologists and heart specialists for performingVSD Closure procedure. The cost of the procedure at Biruni University Hospital may vary depending upon the type of implant used. The center has been in the forefront of using cutting edge technology. Its Intensive Care Units has the latest ventilators, monitors and many other life-saving devices. The Radiology department is equipped with the ultrafast 32 Slice CT Scanner, Colour Doppler,Ultrasound, and Digital X-Ray to offer accurate diagnosis. Biruni University Hospital has a capacity for 150 beds. International patients are offered a wide range of facilities to make their treatment journey comfortable.

Hospital Overview

  • The Biruni University Hospital's indoor area is one of the largest and most beautifully designed in the local market clinics.
  • It offers well-equipped operating rooms that are constructed with the patients' comfort in mind.
  • The Biruni University Hospital has 150 beds. The hospital, which covers all branches, has a total of 63 beds, including 5 coronary, 26 general, and 32 neonatal beds, as well as six operating theatres.
  • Biruni University Hospital is a 10-story facility developed using smart building technology that includes modern diagnosis and treatment technologies.
  • International patients are carefully cared for, with outstanding therapy and diagnostic services.
  • The clinic's medical staff is multilingual, well-trained, and skilled in providing patients with high-quality care.
  • International patients will have access to accommodation facilities (where Istanbul's history can be witnessed), as well as transportation. Transfer services between the hotel, airport, and hospital are available, as well as full-time translation help in six languages.

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Hospital Address : Beyol, Biruni

Costing related to VSD Closure / Repair (Adult) in Biruni University Hospital

Types of VSD Closure / Repair (Adult) in Biruni University Hospital and its associated cost

Treatment OptionApproximate Cost Range (USD)Approximate Cost Range (TRY)
VSD (Overall)5511 - 13528167470 - 406914
Primary Surgical Closure5948 - 9364186062 - 279131
Primary Surgical Closure7449 - 11168224341 - 345942
Transcatheter VSD Closure8475 - 13394254756 - 406986
  • Address: Beyol, Biruni
  • Facilities related to Biruni University Hospital: Interpreter, Accommodation, Airport Transfer

** No doctors are currently available for VSD Closure / Repair (Adult) at Biruni University Hospital.