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Total Knee Replacement B/L in Acibadem International Hospital : Cost & Doctors

Acibadem International Hospital is a prominent healthcare facility in the region. Being a JCI-accredited facility, it delivers treatments according to international standards. The hospital receives patients from around the globe. Spread over 19,000 sqm, it is well-equipped with 112 beds, 16 patient observation beds and 26 intensive care beds. With its ultra-modern infrastructure, Acibadem International Hospital provides healthcare services across 11 specialities. The hospital has an internationally recognized Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology. Some of the treatments performed at the department include total knee replacement, foot and ankle surgery, spinal surgery, and hip fractures.

Total Knee replacement is usually performed for replacing the damaged parts of a knee with prosthetic ones. The Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at the hospital is technologically advanced and has a NAVIO Robotics-assisted Knee Arthroplasty. This high-end technology is a type of portable device that allows orthopaedic surgeons to carry out total knee replacements with high efficiency. Besides this, other medical technologies for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes at the hospital are PET-CT, CyberKnife, and Intraoperative 3 Tesla MRI. The hospital has acclaimed orthopaedic doctors such as Prof. Dr Sezgin Sarban(MD) and Dr. Bulent Yucel MD.

Best doctors for Total Knee Replacement B/L at Acibadem International Hospital:

  • Dr. Mehmet Ugur Ozbaydar, Professor-Orthopedics and Traumatology,
  • Dr. Sezgin Sarban, Professor Doctor, Orthopedics and Traumatology,

Hospital Overview

  • The Ac?badem International Hospital is spread over an indoor area of atleast 19,000 square meters.
  • It comprises as many as 122 beds which also means there are intensive care beds (26) with observation beds (16).
  • Medical technologies are present such as Whole Body MR, DSA Digital Angiography, EUS (Endoultrasonography), and Ultrasonography.
  • Additional services like Heliport, Prayer Room, Cafeteria, ATM within premises etc. can also be availed.
  • Patients can choose from either a standard room or a suite during their hospital stay.

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Hospital Address : Yeilk

Costing related to Total Knee Replacement B/L in Acibadem International Hospital

Types of Total Knee Replacement B/L in Acibadem International Hospital and its associated cost

Treatment OptionApproximate Cost Range (USD)Approximate Cost Range (TRY)
B/L Total Knee Replacement13317 - 18743397979 - 582451
Cemented Knee Replacement9055 - 13731270458 - 414107
Uncemented Knee Replacement10225 - 15657307046 - 471988
Partial Knee Replacement7803 - 12547240608 - 378537
Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement13288 - 18721399689 - 569979
Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement15731 - 22847469370 - 684445
Revision Knee Replacement18195 - 24695540178 - 743170
  • Address: Yeilk
  • Facilities related to Acibadem International Hospital: Choice of Meals, Interpreter, SIM, TV inside room, Accommodation

** No doctors are currently available for Total Knee Replacement B/L at Acibadem International Hospital.