Young Sue Chlebek Survived Cardiac Death, Will You?

Young Sue Chlebek Survived Cardiac Death, Will You?

It seems hard to believe that someone can actually be brought back to life after a sudden cardiac death. But this is what happened in the case of Sue Chlebek, a heart attack patient. She now runs a support group for women who risk getting a heart disease at some point of their lives.

What Actually Happened?Sue-Chlebek:Breast Cancer Treatment in India

Like her normal routine, Chlebek left home to drop her two kids at school before picking up her friend for the usual 3-mile walk. However, she felt a certain discomfort in the form of breathlessness and chest pain.

After returning back home, she decided to search the internet for chest pain. Soon she realized that it could be a heart attack. “I could no way have a heart attack at such a young age:” was the first reaction that she had.


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When the pain could no longer be controlled, she decided to drive to the emergency department of a hospital and get herself checked. After arriving at the hospital, she told the nurse that she thinks she is having a heart attack and soon experienced sudden cardiac death.

The nurse immediately called a code blue as the doctors defibrillated Chelbek. Luckily, Chelbek revived after receiving just one shock. Later the doctors figured out that she has 95 percent blockage in her left anterior descending artery, which must be treated with a balloon pump to prevent future cardiac events that could prove fatal this time.

How is she today?Chlebek: Breast Cancer Treatment in India

Chelbek recovered successfully and has lost more than 11 kgs since then. Having made the right choices, she stands today healthier than ever.

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