Management of Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction abbreviated as ED is one of the most common problems affecting adult males worldwide. Millions of people require medical help to help relieve this condition, and are successfully treated via various ways. Erectile dysfunction is the condition where the candidate in consideration is unable to maintain erection for a sufficient for penetration. Also known as impotency, erectile dysfunction can cause serious impacts on the mental health of the individual due to unsatisfactory sexual performance, and thereby may also affect a healthy married life. Owing to this, any individual being affected by or noticing such symptoms should seek medical assistance without any hesitation, as the condition is very common and can be treated by various means.

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Before the Treatment

For primary management of erectile dysfunction, the candidate is first evaluated for any underlying illness, terminal diseases or chronic disorders which may interfere with the treatment and further procedures. Such conditions may be the primary reason for ED and thus treating them may solve the problem. However, in case of non-satisfactory results, the candidate is prescribed with further medication to help relieve the symptoms. In extreme cases, pumps may also be suggested.

Besides the traditional treatment, there are other ways for management of erectile dysfunction. These ways are duly curated and suggested to people depending on the seriousness and complexity of the condition. The other ways of managing ED are:

  • Testosterone replacement therapy: This is highly recommended in case ED is causes due to low testosterone levels in the body.

  • Self-injection: Self-Injecting medications like Alprostadil at the base or sideways of the penile shaft causes erection for approximately an hour. The medication may also be used in combination, as need be. 

  • Alprostadil intra-urethral suppository: The suppository with the medication is inserted inside the penis using a given applicator. This causes necessary erection for a period of 30-60 minutes.

  • Penile Pumps: These are vacuum pumps which may either be hand driven or battery powered. These pumps are designed to cover the penis henceforth which, air can be sucked out using the gear. This suction causes the blood to rush to the penis thereby causing necessary erection. To prevent the blood from flushing back, a ring is attached to the base of the penis which needs to be removed post-intercourse. 

  • Penile Implants: In this, a penile implant is surgically placed on either sides of the penis. The implants are bendable or inflatable rods which allows the candidate to make the penis erect when needed. This procedure is however recommended only in case other procedures failed go yield a satisfactory result. 

Although these effects are beneficial, yet one must not forget that every method has side effects differing from one another and varies from person to person.

How it is Performed

Management of erectile dysfunction with traditional medicines is one of the most promising and effective ways of treating the condition. The most successful treatment of ED has been provided by Phosphodiesterase Type V Inhibitors, which are pills meant for oral ingestion. The PD Type V Inhibitors are extremely beneficial for Erectile Dysfunction and have recorded high success rates. It is mostly beneficial in case of ED correlated with spinal cord disorders or injury and diabetes mellitus.  Some of the popular ED drugs are Sildenafil, Avanafil, Vardenafil and Tadalafil, which have yielded satisfactory results.


Recovery from erectile dysfunction depends on the cause of the problem, extent and kind of treatment undergone by the candidate. Recovery from surgical procedures may extend from a few weeks to a year and varies from person to person. Besides, other therapies may help relieve the symptoms by proper management of erectile dysfunction, but complete curing of the condition is not always possible. However, recent studies show that erectile dysfunction may be reversed through prolonged treatment and may take approximately five years.

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Management of Erectile Dysfunction