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Health Talk by MediGence aims to bridge the gap in healthcare by imparting updated and useful information to make medical travel simpler. Through our series of podcasts, we hope to help patients become an informed traveler. From travel tips to expert opinion to recommendation on common treatments and more, our information will help you make the most out of your medical travel experience.

In this series, we discuss issues of patients which are pertaining to Liver Transplantation and the kind of conditions and symptoms which lead to Liver…

This series aims to present useful accurate information and tips to help you plan for medical travel Through different episodes in the series we aim…

About Health Talk

At MediGence our goal is to bridge the patient healthcare divide by providing useful and accurate information that travelers need to plan their medical treatment. The decision to travel abroad for medical treatment is never an easy one and is always filled with fear and apprehension. Being a technology-driven medical assistance company, we maintain complete transparency about facilities and services being offered so as to make medical travel convenient, accessible, and hassle-free for all patients across the globe.


Through our series of podcasts we hope to make the following difference in the patients' lives:-

  • Good health of our patients is first and foremost for us and therefore, we aim to provide information to the patients and their families that stimulate overall health and wellbeing.
  • Be a single source of information for all your healthcare needs.
  • Expert opinion about common ailments and their recommended treatment.
  • Tips and advice to help you make the most of your medical travel experience.

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