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In simple terms, as a heart attack is for the heart, Stroke is the same for the brain. Brain stroke is also termed as CEREBRO VASCULAR ACCIDENT. It is the damage caused to the brain due to the interruption of blood supply which leads to oxygen starvation and brain damage. The part of the brain affected and the functions it controls get compromised partially or completely.

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Complications that we Treat


Speech and Language Therapy

Expected Outcome

Improved articulation and speed of speech


Neuromuscular Facilitation

Expected Outcome

Improves the sensory system


Progressive Strengthening

Expected Outcome

Gradual improvement in activities of daily living


Gait Training

Expected Outcome

Improves step length and speed


Full Body Training

Expected Outcome

Improves overall wellbeing and confidence

Patient Testimonials

Information Related to

  • Ischemic Stroke: Caused due to a clot in the brain
  • Hemorrhagic Stroke: Caused due to bleeding in the brain due to high pressure in the arteries

  • Face drooping to one side
  • Arms weakness
  • Speech slurring
  • Blurred vision and dizziness

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Restoration of sensory-motor systems
  • Improved Balance and coordination
  • Improved strength
  • Improvement in walking pattern
  • Better articulation of speech

Our CARE Delivery Model

Most effective programs designed and delivered by experts

How do we Deliver Care

Video Consultation
with our Neuro Rehabilitation Specialist

Our Specialist prepares a customized rehabilitation protocol

We submit the detailed treatment plan with the pricing to deliver care

You choose the plan and opt to pay

We agree for a date to start a TELE-REHAB program

We monitor the progress for a better you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After the initial management at the hospital, the patient is mostly cured of the initial life-threatening risk. The after-effects of the attack is in the form of mobility disorders which is reversible to the maximum possible functional capacity.

Yes, it is. Re-learning and re-wiring of the brain cells is possible despite the timelines.

The best way to ensure ongoing recovery is through a daily program. If Onsite rehab is not possible then Tele Rehab ensures the patient is accessible to rehab delivered by qualified experts through live demonstrations.

Periodic assessments are conducted. Videos and live demonstrations by our experts also ensure the continuous monitoring of the patient's progress.