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Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder of the central nervous system which causes unintended tremors and involuntary movements of the hands and legs along with difficulty in maintaining balance and coordination. In this type of disease, there is rapid breakdown or death of the neurons of the brain cells. This causes the depletion of an important chemical messenger called DOPAMINE which in turn causes atypical brain activity. This is the main reason for involuntary activities and other movement disorders.

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Complications that we Treat


Speech and Language Therapy

Expected Outcome

Maintained articulation and speed of speech


Neuromuscular Facilitation

Expected Outcome

Maintained the nerve conduction


Progressive Strengthening

Expected Outcome

Maintenance in activities of daily living


Gait Training

Expected Outcome

Maintains step length and speed


Full Body Training

Expected Outcome

Improves overall wellbeing and confidence

Patient Testimonials

Information Related to

  • Parkinson's

  • Tremor in the limbs
  • Walking pattern disrupted
  • Balance and coordination distorted
  • Frequent falls

  • Low Dopamine levels in the brain

  • Helps to delay the progression of the disease by controlling the symptoms through effective methods and techniques

Our CARE Delivery Model

Most effective programs designed and delivered by experts

How do we Deliver Care

Video Consultation
with our Neuro Rehabilitation Specialist

Our Specialist prepares a customized rehabilitation protocol

We submit the detailed treatment plan with the pricing to deliver care

You choose the plan and opt to pay

We agree for a date to start a TELE-REHAB program

We monitor the progress for a better you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Parkinson's is a progressive disorder. With rehabilitation, your condition can only be maintained but not fully cured.

Yes, Gait training is focused on improving gait patterns with timed exercises which improves the step and stride length of the patient.

The best way to ensure ongoing recovery is through a daily program. If Onsite rehab is not possible then Tele Rehab ensures the patient is accessible to rehab delivered by qualified experts through live demonstrations.

Periodic assessments are conducted. Videos and live demonstrations by our experts also ensures the continuous monitoring of the patients progress.