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The Brain and the Spinal Cord, constitute the Central Nervous System of our body. Each and every function of our body is controlled by these two supreme powers. They have interconnected tracts between them that carry messages to and fro from the brain to the spinal cord and vice versa. A simple example of this coordinated function can be seen when we touch a hot object and immediately remove our hands. This action and reaction involve the spinal cord taking the message (Sensory) to the brain about the hot object and the brain directing to remove the hand immediately (Motor). This action reaction takes even less than a fraction of a second and happens in the most coordinated and sophisticated networked manner. Any kind of blunt, blow or direct injury to these two structures can jeopardize the entire sensory-motor system of our body.

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Complications that we Treat


Speech and Language Therapy

Expected Outcome

Improved articulation and speed of speech


Neuromuscular Facilitation

Expected Outcome

Improves the sensory system


Progressive Strengthening

Expected Outcome

Gradual improvement in activities of daily living


Gait Training

Expected Outcome

Improves step length and speed


Full Body Training

Expected Outcome

Improves overall wellbeing and confidence

Patient Testimonials

Information Related to
Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

  • Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

  • Disrupted sensory motor system
  • Gait pattern distorted
  • Speech issues

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Falls
  • Bullet injuries
  • Diseases of the brain and spinal cord

  • Improved sensory-motor system
  • Improvement in gait patterns
  • Improved speech

Our CARE Delivery Model

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How do we Deliver Care

Video Consultation
with our Neuro Rehabilitation Specialist

Our Specialist prepares a customized rehabilitation protocol

We submit the detailed treatment plan with the pricing to deliver care

You choose the plan and opt to pay

We agree for a date to start a TELE-REHAB program

We monitor the progress for a better you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the type and site of injury. The rehabilitation program is designed according to the details about the type and site of injury. The outcomes are also subjected to the same.

The best way to ensure ongoing recovery is through a daily program. If Onsite rehab is not possible then Tele Rehab ensures the patient is accessible to rehab delivered by qualified experts through live demonstrations.

Periodic assessments are conducted. Videos and live demonstrations by our experts also ensure the continuous monitoring of the patient’s progress.

It all depends on the type and site of injury and the overall health condition of the patient. We provide you with the details once the initial assessment is done.