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Nose plays a very important role in defining one’s personality. The whole contour of the face changes with a well defined nose in place. Rhinoplasty which literally means to mold the nose is the cosmetic surgical procedure performed on the nose to enhance the appearance of the nose.  The shape and size of the nose can be changed drastically to improve the features of the face.

About Rhinoplasty

It is mainly performed for aesthetic reasons. A misshapen, too big or too small a nose can be given a proper shape with the help of rhinoplasty surgery. A nose can get mutilated or crooked due to some injury or accident which can be corrected through the surgery. Minor problems in breathing can also be attended.


As such there are no discomforts associated with a mis shaped nose, but problems in breathing and subsequent problem in talking can get affected due to a deformed nose.
About treatment
Nose plastic surgery is a very common cosmetic surgery performed on both men and women ranking third in the list of surgeries performed. The shape of the nose can be changed through this process by addition or removal of bones or cartilage and tissues or performing grafting. Implants can also be added synthetically or by inserting parts from any other suitable part of the body. It should not be performed till pubertal growth spurts are done away with.

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Before the Treatment

The candidate and surgeon should also discuss guidelines for eating, drinking, and smoking, taking or avoiding certain medications, and washing the face for the weeks immediately following surgery.

How it is Performed

The nose is composed of consequent interlinked parts comprising of the skin, the pyramid of bony origin, followed by the cartilage and finally the tip of the nose. There is a strip of skin named columella that separates the two nostrils. The quality of nose plays a pivotal role in the final result of a rhinoplasty surgery. People who have inherited thick skin may not be able to approciate the transformation of the bone structure below the nose. Again on the other hand thin skin people will not be able to hide too many asymmetry and irregularities found on the bone.

In the initial few consultations the surgeon shall discuss the changes that can be incorporated within the nose. Photographs are taken and choices of anesthesia available to the patient will be discussed in this phase along with the technique.

 Nasal reconstruction approaches can be very different from each other. In case of internal rhinoplasty the incisions involved are made from within the nasal cavity.  The open technique or an external incision will require a skin incision made across the nasal columella's basal portion.

A light sedation is usually employed after which the area is made numb. A general anaethesia may be employed for a long and complicated procedure and if both the surgeon and the patient decide that it is the best option available. This technique is usually employed in complicated procedures where the external incision will allow the surgeon to have the cartilage and bones completely exposed. The skin has to be removed during the procedure from the cartilage and bone support.

Now the framework of the nose is worked upon to give the desired shape and form. In many cases the surgeon employs skin from the forehead right above the eyebrow and places it vertically to substitute the missing nasal tissues. The forehead skin's tint exactly matches the tint of the nose and face. It makes the best reconstruction of the defective nose and with a little bit of working the skin on the forehead can be easily camouflaged to give the normal appearance. The skin remaining is next placed on the new framework.

If there is any requirement of adding more structure to the existing bone, then donated cartilage or bones or even skin can be incorporated. It can also be taken from some other parts of the body. Synthetic source can also be employed in the step.

After the completion of the operation the surgeon will apply a splint. The new shape of the bones will be maintained with the aid of the splint. With the help of a dressing the nose may be stuffed or packed to allow the stabilization of the septum.

What are my other alternatives?

Injectable fillers may be used as an alternative treatment to rhinoplasty. Hyaluronic acid fillers and radiesse may be used. The effects of these are temporary and if not placed in proper amounts then it can result in a non refined look.


After care and recovery

  • Some swelling is expected on the face right after the surgery. They should use a few pillows to have their heads raised while sleeping for the initial days.
  • It is very common to expect a headache or some pain in the nose and medication shall be suggested by the surgeon to make the pain subside.
  • Swelling of the face and bruises around the eyes are expected to get reduced within three days.
  • Depending upon the extent of the surgery some amount of stuffiness felt in the nose accompanied by mild bleeding are some of the normal events.
  • It is expected that people will be able to resume back to work  after a week while walking around is possible after the lapse of 2 or 3 days.
  • Strenuous activities or physical exertion are to be avoided for the first three weeks.
  • Patients are expected to maintain hygiene, proper diet, required exercise and regular follow up visits to doctors.
  • To prevent the disruption of the healing process, blowing nose for the next one week is to be avoided.
  • Make sure that the surgical dressing is dry.
  • After two weeks, splints, stitches and dressings are removed.
  • Excessive sunburn must be avoided by the patient.

How long will the effects last?

Maximum stabilization of the bones takes place during the first 4 years. After this one can definitely say the effect is expected to last a lifetime if properly performed.

Pros and Cons


  • 90% cases of rhinoplasty surgery are successful.
  • Mortality is extremely rare, and if it occurs then it is mainly due to reactions of anesthesia dose.
  • The effects are to last for a lifetime with hardly any follow ups required after the initial ones.
  • Improved nasal flow with better breathing
  • Enhances the appeal of the total face in general


  • if incision is made on the external surface of the nose, then light scars may remain and that makes many wonder how much is a nose job worth.
  • There can be chances of infection
  • Thick skin candidates may not be able to appreciate the work of the surgery much.

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