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Colorectal Cancer ( Colon Cancer ) Treatment in Acibadem Fulya Hospital : Cost & Doctors

The oncology unit at Acibadem Fulya Hospital is equipped to give patients with colorectal cancer excellent and precise care. With 124 inpatient treatment units, 7 operating rooms, and 16 intensive care units spread across a 22,000 m2 indoor area, the hospital offers a comprehensive healthcare environment. The oncology unit at the hospital utilizes advanced infrastructure and a skilled team of specialists to find a detailed approach to diagnosing and treating colorectal cancer.

Acibadem Fulya Hospital has many diagnostic tests available to identify the stage of colorectal cancer. Once the doctors identify the stage, they create a personalized treatment plan considering other factors too like the patient’s age, medical history, etc. The diagnostic tests include Multi-Slice CT, PET-CT, MRI, biopsy, ultrasound imaging tests, colonoscopy, fecal occult test, and barium enema examination. The treatment plans offered by the hospital include chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. For smaller tumors such as polyps, minimally invasive surgery is the preferred method, whereas, for tumors that affect longer sections of the colon, surgical removal of the tumor along with a small portion of healthy tissue is performed. Dr. Gülhan İpek Deni̇z is a known oncologist affiliated with Acibadem Fulya Hospital.

Hospital Overview

  • The hospital has cutting edge infrastructure and all latest amenities.
  • Equipment like Whole body MR scanner, 4D Ultrasound system for Breast Cancer screening, 3D Imaging and Navigation System for Prostate Biopsy, Posturography (Balance) Device, and EBUS.
  • Everything that makes healthcare delivery a 360* process is present in Acibadem Fulya Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey like diagnostic services, insurance, language interpretation services, travel and lodging arrangements.
  • Clinic Laboratory, Dialysis, Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Laboratory, Pulmonary Function Laboratory, Radiology and Sleep Laboratory are also present.
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU) are also available in the Acibadem Fulya Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey.
  • There are many popular specialties and departments present in Acibadem Fulya Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey, which is a multidisciplinary healthcare organisation. Some are Cardiology, Neurology, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Dermatology, Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology) etc.

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Hospital Address : Dikilita Mahallesi, Acbadem Fulya Hastanesi, Hakk Yeten Caddesi, Beikta/Istanbul, Turkey

Costing related to Colorectal Cancer ( Colon Cancer ) Treatment in Acibadem Fulya Hospital

Types of Colorectal Cancer ( Colon Cancer ) Treatment in Acibadem Fulya Hospital and its associated cost

Treatment OptionApproximate Cost Range (USD)Approximate Cost Range (INR)
Colorectal Cancer Treatment (Overall)3354 - 13450278609 - 1097404
Surgery2814 - 7993227941 - 631944
Chemotherapy920 - 287273551 - 230088
Radiation Therapy1135 - 340392393 - 273618
Targeted Therapy1670 - 3990139999 - 322362
Immunotherapy2267 - 4443185263 - 374582
Hormone Therapy1126 - 341594140 - 278093
Colostomy1683 - 4529139906 - 368865
Ileostomy2264 - 5047185048 - 408849
Proctectomy2771 - 6783227314 - 550059
Lymph Node Removal894 - 278974062 - 233434
Laparoscopic Surgery2773 - 6848228341 - 546878
Robotic Surgery3448 - 7889273737 - 640827
Minimally Invasive Surgery2814 - 6844232499 - 565637
  • Address: Dikilita Mahallesi, Acbadem Fulya Hastanesi, Hakk Yeten Caddesi, Beikta/Istanbul, Turkey
  • Facilities related to Acibadem Fulya Hospital: Choice of Meals, Interpreter, SIM, TV inside room, Accommodation

** No doctors are currently available for Colorectal Cancer ( Colon Cancer ) Treatment at Acibadem Fulya Hospital.