Scaling the Height of Paediatric Healthcare Budget

When your plans to avail paediatric medical treatment at a healthcare institution of your choice hit a roadblock of unaffordable costs, who do you turn to? Who do you lean on to get financial support for your plan to access the best paediatric medical treatment option that you know is available but beyond your reach?

You could be a parent in distress about your child’s treatment, a guardian looking for the best medically recommended medical treatment option for your child or a retired veteran empathetic about child care. In an interdependent world, your journey towards the choicest paediatric healthcare is not necessarily yours alone.

Your healthcare journey is not yours alone, it’s ours as well

Leveraging Community Support for Your Treatment

At Medigence, we said that no distance is too long to be unconquerable, when it is the medical treatment of your children that matters. We said that boundaries to great medical treatment do not matter. We are in the process of making geographical boundaries irrelevant with our technology driven medical treatment search engine.

Taking a step forward in the direction of zeroing down the gap of paediatric medical treatment costs, we at Medigence have collaborated with Milaap, India’s premier crowd funding platform.

Extending our outreach to you beyond the domain of technology to search for medical treatment options, our partnership with Milaap for crowd funding makes paediatric medical treatment for accessible, affordable, inclusive and diverse.

  • Every Child is Special, Every Life is Precious

  • At Medigence we are shaping the future of healthcare without boundaries. We are defining the tomorrow of humanity by making paediatric health care affordable and accessible today.

Our collaboration with Milaap now strengthens our attempt to expand the outreach of paediatric medical treatment services for the following life threatening diseases that are our current focus area:

How Our Crowd Funding for Paediatric Healthcare Works

  • 01

    Raise an enquiry to raise funds

  • 02

    Share medical case and country of origin

  • 03

    Get an estimate from the hospital of your choice

  • 04

    Raise funds and track your campaign

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