Stem cells are very crucial for a person, as they are the only cells that possess self-renewal properties. Under the right circumstances, stem cells divide into daughter cells and get developed into specialized cells. Hence, Stem Cell Therapy (SCT) marks the treatment of various disorders, acute to chronical, non-serious to life-threatening, neuromuscular to degenerative. Stem cells are said to cure over more than 80 disorders. Stem cells from a donor can help to permanently overcome the disorder of defective bone marrow.

Stem Cell Therapy in India

India is rapidly advancing in medical technologies and is becoming a hub for the treatment of various disorders. Finest Stem cell therapy options are available in India with extensive research and sheer hard work embarked with a skilled panel of doctors. Hospitals in India have the potential to deliver new-age, risk-free, safe and effective treatment without compromising the quality of medical facilities. In India, SCT along with the latest advancements in stem cell technology such as stem cell banking is also provided at an economic cost.

Cost Comparison

India is developing rapidly in terms of medical advancements and that is why a lot of foreign patients now look up to India. Not only because of the services provided by hospitals are world-class but also the treatment is highly affordable. Stem Cells Therapy in India will cost 25% of what it would cost in western countries. The cost varies according to the diagnosis, and the treatment plan. In the US, Stem Cells Therapy would cost nearly about $50000 and $22000 in Singapore, whereas in India, the therapy will cost you one-sixth of this amount. The average cost of Stem Cell Therapy in India is USD $8000.

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