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Cornea Transplants in U.A.E

Cornea Transplant in the United Arab Emirates A cornea transplant or keratoplasty is a surgical process with the help of which a portion of the cornea is removed with corneal tissue. The cornea is the translucent portion of the eye that provides you with the power of concentration. With the help of cornea transplant, the vision of an eye is fixed. Though corneal transplants are mostly successful it carries a meagre amount of risk which includes the denial of the cornea donated by the donor. A cornea transplant is done to treat several disorders of the cornea which includes cornea protruding outside, Fuch’s dystrophy, narrowing of the cornea, scarring of the cornea due to damage, clouding of the cornea, inflammation of the cornea, ulcers in the cornea, and complexities caused due to past eye surgeries. Though the eye surgery is safe, it still involves some amount of risks which include infection in the eye, cataract, glaucoma, inflammation of the cornea, refusal of the donor cornea, etc.

Corneal Transplant in UAE

The medical professionals and the doctors in UAE are well trained and they are highly skilled in their work. Hospitals in the country are fully-equipped with modern amenities to secure the life of the patient. The cost of corneal transplant in UAE is much less when compared with the European nations. Patients from all across the globe throng UAE to receive treatment at a subsidized rate from top-notch doctors. Moreover, patients prefer this location due to the UAE’s geographical location.

Cost Comparison

The cost of the cornea transplant in UAE depends on a number of factors like the age of the patient, treatment method used, medical complexity, and much more. The hospitals keep on introducing attractive packages from time to time. The cost of treatment in the UAE starts at USD 6000.

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates




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