An ICD is a device implanted in the body of a patient whose heartbeats are abnormal and can cause them to faint, experience sudden cardiac arrest or other life-threatening conditions. This device detects abnormal rhythm of the heart and helps patients to take their heart rate to normal. It is used in patients suffering from ventricular arrhythmia, ventricular fibrillation, and cardiac arrest. ICD is the first-line treatment for such diseases. It is made up of a pulse generator which includes a battery and several leads or wires. The pulse generator is inserted under the skin in the chest area or just below the collarbone and the leads are inserted into the heart. The main benefit of having an ICD device combo surgery is that it is not an open-heart surgery, can be performed while the patient is asleep in a couple of hours. When ICD finds an abnormal heart rhythm, it delivers an electric shock to the heart that restores the heart to normal rhythm.

ICD Combo Device Surgery in Turkey

Turkey has been investing huge sums of money in building its medical tourism. Hence, the hospitals in Turkey offer a fair price for the ICD Combo Device Surgery. The Turkish government has also been taking special initiatives to provide translational facilities to allow proper communication. Translational services in English, German, Arabic, and Russian are provided when you connect with a hospital or a clinic. Due to affordable medical treatment, cheaper cost of living and well-qualified and highly experienced doctors and surgeons, Turkey is becoming an important medical destination in the world.

ICD Combo Device Surgery Cost in Turkey

The modern cost of ICD Combo Device Surgery is quite lower than treatment in other countries. The cost of treatment depends on the type of hospital you choose, type of surgery, type of sedation or anesthesia to be used, patient’s diagnosis and general health. The hospitals in Turkey start the treatment timely and promptly, eliminating the need for preliminary waiting.

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