Lap Gastric Banding in Hungary

Lap gastric band is a surgical procedure performed to reduce the size of the stomach, in obese patients. This method helps in making a person feels full faster, and helps them in reducing weight.

Lap gastric band surgery in Hungary

Hungary considered as one of the leading countries of European medical tourism. This is because of its high-quality doctors, affordable prices, advanced medical procedures, modern -up-to-date medical facility. Most of the Hospitals have internationally trained, English speaking doctors and surgeons. Lap gastric band surgery in Hungary performed by a team of well-skilled surgeons, who have international recognition.

Cost Comparison


Lap gastric band cost in Hungary along with the most advanced medical facilities, quality, and aftercare, is on par with some of the most chosen destinations like India, Singapore, Turkey & Dubai. The total cost of treatment including accommodation and sight-seeing are available at almost half the price offered in US or UK.

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