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Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Medical Center)

  • Joint Commission International, or JCI

Tel Aviv Medical Center, Retsif Herbert Samuel Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, Tel-Aviv.
Israel 69714


Tel Aviv Medical Center is one of the leading multi-disciplinary hospitals in Israel. The hospital with its modern infrastructure, cutting-edge technologies offering world-class healthcare standards is one of the premier hospitals and a preferred destination for medical tourists coming to Israel from all over the world.

Spanning an area of around 52 acres, the hospital comprises of 60 departments across its 5 institutions.

Statistics report that the center on average oversees 101,000 admissions, 34000 surgical procedures,208000 emergency room visits and over 11000 deliveries. The hospital boasts of internationally trained specialists who strive to provide highest quality of medical care to its patients with the help of most advanced technologies. The hospital with around 1300 beds always makes sure that the needy patients are never kept waiting. The hospital offers the highest success rates for a large number of ailments including most complex cases. Moreover, the modern infrastructure with comfortable and luxurious rooms for in-patient stay just add to making your medical travel experience as hassle-free and relaxed as possible.


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