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CURED from MediGence is the only app you need if you are traveling to a new destination for medical treatment. Be it cancer treatment, weight loss, heart transplant, or liver transplant, procedures across scale and complexity can be carried out with a bit of assistance from CURED.

Driving patient experience like never

CURED is at the middle of technological competencies blended with healthcare expertise. This makes the app a preferred one for an end to end patient treatment management and to improve the overall patient experience.

You may have several questions about flying over to a new country and placing your trust in a new healthcare facility. However, with CURED, you get access to targeted information anytime anywhere within a few taps on the app. You need not use different channels like WhatsApp, emails, or chats to stay in touch with the experts involved in your medical treatment abroad.

All you need is to download the app & obtain a stellar user experience in your search for phenomenal healthcare solutions delivered at affordable price points.

CURED will streamline collaboration across different channels and simplify this for ease of use:

Why choose CURED?

CURED is a feature-packed app that delivers powerful functionality within a simplified interface. With it, you can get full assistance from a dedicated patient management team for the below tasks–

In the traditional model, all these activities were to be carried out following multiple channels and platforms that make it difficult to search and consolidate at the time of a need. But CURED understands that in such vulnerable times, it would not be fair that you deal with these hassles. The app makes it possible to leave all these burdens behind and focus on recovery and the road ahead.

  • In case of any queries prior to the consultation, you can schedule a meeting or video call with the patient management team.
  • Get an appointment as per your schedule and convenience
  • Sort out all issues with hotel stay, the doctor assigned, or with the treatment plan with the patient management team serving you 24/7.
  • Once the procedure is done, the patient management team will coordinate with the surgeon and physician about the post-operative plan, until the point of discharge
  • In a few taps, you can put all your pre and post-operative reports, bills, discharge summary, hotel bills, OPD bills for storage and sharing through one single location.
  • Upon discharge, you can plan your journey back home
  • You can get further tests carried out in the home country and share the reports, to monitor the progress of recovery post the surgery
  • Get access to all reports, tests, diagnosis, scans, discharge summary, surgical procedure notes, and post-operative treatment and recovery paperwork to share with physicians in your home country.
  • Ease of getting in touch with the patient management team becomes super simple
  • Once you are back home, you can get in touch with the patient management team for any and every query (no matter how small it may be) so that you are on the right track for recovery
  • Right from initial research to flying back after a successful procedure, you get end to end support in sorting the collaboration with different teams or handling the numerous reports and paperwork. The app consolidates and centralizes all communication with different entities across different communication channels, all in one place.

These features ensure that you avail of total peace of mind before, during, and after getting treated at the world-class treatment facilities.

Numbers that depict our focus on you

With 4000+ patient consultations, 300+ successful success stories, & 24/7 patient support,

CURED works with you at every stage – before, during, and after the surgery.

The app makes sure that you aren’t alone in a vulnerable time. You already have a lot to worry about the medical condition. Let CURED worry about the rest of the things when you choose to get top of the line treatments and surgery abroad from recognized, certified, trusted, and internationally accredited hospitals.

With CURED, getting access to exemplary quality healthcare plans from international medical centers become convenient. Blur geographical boundaries and fly out to get great treatment carried out, while you leave all the logistical worries to the app.


Download the app and experience holistic patient management in case of medical tourism to a new nation.

CURED will take care of all steps like a pre-travel arrangement, sharing of diagnosis and reports with remote medical consultation, all-round care, and support during hospital stay, post-treatment care regimen consultation, and taking the flight back home.

Experience innovation in medical tourism with CURED and obtain international quality medical care at affordable costs with total support.

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