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This New Vaccine Could be the Next Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Treatment !

  • Researchers say a new vaccine for triple-negative breast cancer currently being tested at the Mayo Clinic in Florida could help the body fight back against tumor, saving millions of lives.

This New Vaccine Could be the Next Breakthrough in Breast Cancer Treatment !

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. Breast cancer originates from the breast cells and can spread to lymph nodes under the arms and from there to other parts of the body. Triple-negative breast cancer is a form of breast cancer that aggressively spreads to other body parts and is likely to come back in the future, even after complete treatment is over initially.

Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and hormone therapy are some of the common treatment methods available to kill the cancer cells and to stop them from spreading any further. But currently, there is nothing that could prevent cancer from coming back. However, the researchers at Mayo Clinic in Florida could be a step closer in finding a solution to this problem.

The researchers have developed a new vaccine that aims to help the human body resist the return of Triple Negative Breast Cancer. The new vaccine would be used in combination with an immune-stimulating drug called Trastuzumab, which is usually given to many women after the surgery for breast cancer. This combination is expected to active B-cells and T-cells, which are responsible for a strong durable immune response.New treatment in Triple Breast Cancer

Although still under clinical trials, this vaccine, if approved, would be the much-needed prevention strategy against cancer relapse, especially for this particular type of cancer.

Originally published in Times Now News 

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