Did You Know That This OTC Medication Can Evade Cancer? Know More

  • February 16, 2018
  • MediGence Team
Did You Know That This OTC Medication Can Evade Cancer? Know More

A team of Chinese researchers recently claimed something that no one could ever have imagined. According to the latest study conducted by scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, long-term of use of aspirin may reduce the risk of developing different types of cancers during a lifetime.


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Aspirin use has been a matter of debate since quite long now, primarily for its role in the management and prevention of heart diseases. However, nobody ever wondered that scientists would one day prove if effective against several types of cancers.

The team of researchers independently conducted a study to look for the possible connection between aspirin use and cancer development. They looked at the data for more than 600,000 patients.

What did they find?

The researchers did find that patients taking aspirin every day for seven years were 38 percent less likely to get stomach cancer. Additionally, they were 47 percent less likely to get oesophageal and liver cancer.

The team did observe a marked reduction in the incidence of pancreatic and colorectal cancer as well. The overall incidence of cancer was quite less in people who were regular with aspirin use.

Was the trend same across all forms of cancers?

The results were substantial in the case of cancers related to the digestive system. However, the researchers did not observe the effect of aspirin on the incidence of kidney, breast, and bladder cancer. In addition, the incidence of multiple myeloma also remained the same.

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