What is the Cost of Cochlear Implant Device in India?

What is the Cost of Cochlear Implant Device in India?

A cochlear implant is a type of ear implants for hearing loss, wherein the cochlea points to the spiral-shaped cavity. The cochlea in the inner ear is the reason why people are able to hear properly. Damage to the cochlea results in hearing loss, thus making it necessary to get a cochlear implant device. After getting the implant, the patient is able to hear clearly again. Hence the importance of the comparative cost of Cochlear Implant Device in India.


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What Exactly Is A Cochlear Implant Device?

A cochlear implant device is an electronic device used to bring back the hearing ability of an individual. It does so by taking over the natural functioning of the inner ear.

The cochlear implant device is the most suitable for individuals suffering from deafness or who find it very hard to hear properly. It is a type of medical device that bypasses the damaged part of the inner ear or cochlea and takes over it’s functioning.

A cochlear implant device is a small instrument, inserted by an ENT surgeon into the ear. This is done through a small surgery that lasts just over 30 minutes. The device works by receiving the sound waves and converting it into electrical impulses. The devices send these impulses to the auditory nerve, which, in turn, stimulates the brain.

Thus, the cochlear implant device takes over the functioning of the cochlea. It restores the normal functioning of the ear and feels as natural as natural hearing.

Hearing Aid Implants Vs. Cochlear Implant Device

Although many people may find it confusing, a cochlear implant device is completely different from hearing aid implants. Both of them are designed to help individuals with hearing loss and are a type of ear implants for hearing loss.

Hearing aid implants work by converting sound waves to electrical impulses, which are then transmitted to an amplifier. Thus, it helps amplify the sound waves or make sounds louder. On the other hand, a cochlear implant device works by sending the electric impulses directly to the brain.

Also, hearing aid implants are mostly implantable externally. Cochlear implant device on the other hand, is implanted surgically in a small procedure. This is the reason why cochlear implant cost is different from what it costs to have hearing aid implants.

Cochlear Implant Cost in India

The Government of India has been quite instrumental in bringing down the cost of ear implants for hearing loss. This is true for both hearing aid implants and cochlear implant device.

A number of medical tourists from around the world, especially the UAE and the Arab nations travel to India because of low cochlear implant surgery cost. Some of these countries include Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia.

A few years back, the cochlear implant cost was around $17,000. However, the cochlear implant cost has been reduced to $6000 because of the initiatives were taken by the government. The cochlear implant surgery cost in other countries, on the other hand, is much more than what it costs in India.

Cochlear Implant Surgery Cost Comparison

Here is a comparison of the cochlear implant surgery cost in India and abroad:






Cochlear implant surgery cost ($)





Thus, there is a huge difference between cochlear implant surgery cost in India and abroad. This is especially true when it comes to Western countries such as the UK and the US. As a result, patients from these countries prefer to come to India to get a cochlear implant device.

One thing you must note here is that cochlear implant surgery cost is different from cochlear implant cost. The cochlear implant cost in India may vary between $6000 and $10000. On the other hand, it may cost four to five times more in any other country. Even when both the costs are considered, the total expenses in India is much less than abroad.


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Cochlear Implant Surgery Depends On Other Factors

The final cochlear implant surgery cost further depends on several other factors, including the following:

  • Cochlear Implant Cost: The final cochlear implant surgery cost depends on the quality and the type of implant used during the surgery. Cochlear implant cost for quality devices that lasts for many ears is more than the temporary ones with less life. The kind of implant used during the surgery depends on the condition of the patient and his or her requirements.
  • Number of Days in Hospital: Patients may be required to stay in the hospital for 1 or 2 days after the surgery.
  • Cost of Pre-Surgery Tests: The surgeons may conduct a few tests before the cochlear implant device placement surgery. This further adds to the total expenses.
  • Length of Stay in India: The length of stay in India during your visit for cochlear implant device placement may vary between three to six weeks.

Precautions You Must Take

Typically, just one trip to India is required for placement of a cochlear implant device. However, there are certain precautions that the patient must take before flying off to their home country. Some of these precautions include the following:

  • You must seek approval from the doctor before booking return flights.
  • You must inform the airline staff that you have cochlear implant device in your ear.
  • Keep the implant off, if possible.
  • If the implant is on, make sure that you adjust its volume while traveling back in the flight.
  • Report any side effects experienced to the surgeon as soon as possible.

Ear implants for hearing loss may prove a boon for patients suffering from severe hearing loss. However, it is important for them to know the risks of the cochlear implant device placement surgery. Some of the complications and risks associated with it include infection, tinnitus, meningitis, dizziness, change of taste, and cerebrospinal fluid leak.

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