7 Underestimated Benefits of LASIK Surgery That You Should Consider

  • May 18, 2017
  • Nikita Bansal
7 Underestimated Benefits of LASIK Surgery That You Should Consider

One of the most common laser eye procedure used to correct problems related to vision is LASIK. Millions of people around the world undergo LASIK surgery each year, thanks to the numerous benefits and the safety of this highly advanced procedure.

LASIK surgery offers many benefits for people suffering from short-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. These three conditions are the most common vision disorders that can only be corrected temporarily with the help of glasses or contact lenses and permanently with the help of LASIK surgery.

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laser eye surgery cost

Plus, the reasonable eye surgery cost offers an attractive option for people who wish to live a life free of glasses. Individuals who undergo LASIK surgery are not required to wear glasses or contact lenses following the procedure.

LASIK cost depends on several factors. For example, it depends on what country you are getting operated in, how much correction is needed and what technology is being used (with blade or blade-less). The following table hints at the cost of LASIK in India  (with blade) and other countries.

Country Cost of LASIK (one eye) in USD
India $500
Hungary $750
Thailand $1900

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The 7 most underestimated benefits of LASIK surgery are described below.

#1: Results in permanent correction

LASIK surgery results in permanent and long-lasting vision improvement, unless vision degrades with age. People are no longer needed to wear glasses or contact lenses for clearer vision after undergoing LASIK.

lasik surgery benefits and costs


#2: Enables quick recovery

The patient is able to recover within 24 hours of undergoing LASIK as no stitches or bandages are required. Blade-less LASIK has less recovery time than LASIK surgery conducted with blade.

#3: Eliminates need for vacation planning

Unlike other major procedures, patients do not need to plan for vacations before LASIK. This is because recovery after LASIK taken place quickly and an individual can practically return to their usual routine within a day.

#4: Controls allergic reactions

Allergic reactions leading to headache, sinus pain around nose and irritated and red eyes are minimized after LASIK. This benefit of LASIK has long been observed in a number of patients who opted for LASIK for one or both the eyes.

#5: Improves peripheral vision

Patients experience improvement in blurry peripheral vision after LASIK and are able to see as clearly as an individual with perfect vision. This is one of the highly underestimated benefits of LASIK.

lasik eye surgery cost

#6: Enhances professional freedom

Patients are able to choose profession that requires them to have perfect vision. For example, jobs in military and certain sports require glasses-free candidates because of the nature of activities involved.

#7: Prevents future expenses

By spending one time laser eye surgery cost, patients save hundreds of dollars that they would otherwise spent on contact lenses, solution, frames, repair and optometrist visit in the future.

Cost of LASIK surgery


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